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I had started his very long post about my weekend. It started to get wordy and way too long. So lets do this bullet style.

- My CEO visited my office. It was awesome. It feels good to work for someone that realizes he has a responsibility to his employees, his clients, his company. Such a different experience from working retail.

- I gardened a bunch on Friday before a nice rainstorm came in. I got in new flowers and grass seed. Doing things like that makes me happy.

- We bought a new dishwasher on Monday. A dishwasher so new, I haven’t even had the chance to blog about it. I went to load the dishes and couldn’t get it to turn on. It would only beep. I spent hours with the manual, google, and finally with their customer service. Verdict? Thing is broken.

- Went to return it and Lowes said they would only accept it back if their installer would unhook it and return it (we had it installed for free by them).

- My husband’s parents texted him late on Friday to tell us that they would be coming to visit us on Saturday. My husband will do the same thing—sometimes he’ll just decide to drive the 3.5 hours to his parents’ house and never even mention to them that he’s coming for a visit. THIS DRIVES ME NUTS.

- So this meant my entire Friday night was spent cleaning and Saturday was spent with my husband’s parents, which wasn’t too bad.

Hope your weekend was better than mine.

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